Frequently asked questions

What exactly does 36paths do?

In ten words, we help you get a great finance job in Canada.

It is depressing that having paid tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition fees, many bright university students, international students in particular, end up being unemployed, simply because no one has taught them useful skills needed to succeed in the increasingly competitive job market.

We created 36paths to change that. You will learn from experienced finance professionals everything you need to land the best offer possible, from figuring out your career path and creating the perfect resume to effectively communicating with recruiters & hiring managers and nailing your upcoming interviews.

How is this better than my career centre or other career consulting companies?

In three key ways:

1. We are exclusively focused on the finance industry in Canada, from Capital Markets and Commercial Banking to Corporate Finance and Risk Management. We are confident to say that no one in Canada does this better than us.

2. Our coaching team is the best in the industry - we don't tolerate mediocrity. From Investment Banker at Scotiabank to Senior Manager at RBC, together we have years of experience coaching and hiring thousands of students just like you.

3. We teach you actionable finance job search strategies based on your unique profile. We don't believe in generic career advice you cannot act on. You will get hands-on coaching and apply lessons learnt right away, from the comfort of your home.

How is this worth it?

Honestly, because it works. You will acquire the knowledge and skills that thousands of students have used to successfully land great finance job offers in Canada. We firmly believe (and have data to prove) that our coaching program is one of the highest ROI investments a student can make.

How are coaching services delivered?

The 36paths programs are 100% online and remote — you get personalized 1-on-1 coaching from experienced finance professionals through a mix of Zoom calls, screen-sharing sessions and emails.

What kind of job offers do 36paths studentsland?

Our students have landed offers with a variety of top financial services companies in Canada, such as BMO, CIBC, Scotiabank, Manulife, BCI, MUFG, PwC etc.

What is the expected salary for 36paths students?

The expected salary range varies based on a number of factors such as your previous experience, education history, target industry and location. The average starting salary of 36paths students ranges from $42,000 to $85,000 (annual bonus excluded). After you apply, we can better estimate your expected salary based on your unique profile.

How long does it take 36paths students to get a job?

98% of our students land their first job offer within 6 months. More importantly, the knowledge and skills they've learnt at 36paths will benefit their entire finance career.