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Find your next finance rockstar

From entry-level roles to experienced hires, we help you recruit only the best talent that fits your company culture quickly and affordably. You will never waste time and money on the wrong ones.

Why hire with 36paths

New Graduates

✅  Vetted and interviewed by industry experts

✅  Coached by industry veterans for 10+ weeks

✅  Great technical and communication skills 

✅  We only match you with the best candidate

✅  You pay minimal recruitment fees (0% to 10%)

Experienced Hires

✅  Access to top-performing passive candidates

✅  End-to-end hiring coverage by industry experts

✅  We identify the perfect fit based on your needs

✅  90-day guarantee period—no questions asked

✅  You find top talents quickly and affordably

36paths hiring process

1️⃣  Understand Your Requirements: We will meet with your team in-person to discuss and clarify your hiring needs. If you don't have a job description yet, no worrieswe will help you create it.

2️⃣  Conduct The Tailored Search: We will leverage our network and deep understanding of your industry to bring you the best candidates that were not even actively looking, not just the best unemployed person on the market.

3️⃣  Comprehensive Interviews: To significantly save your time, we will pre-interview to select and present you a shortlist of top candidates that have been qualified based on your technical, cultural and personality requirements.

4️⃣  Offer & Reference: We will work closely with your team to assess candidates in the final round and secure an accepted offer as well as facilitate all aspects of reference check process.

5️⃣  Onboarding & Follow-up: Our service does not stop at an accepted offer — we will support the onboarding process of your new hire and check in regularly to ensure your team is happy.

36paths vs. Recruitment Agency


0% to 10% for new grads; 15% to 25% of first-year salary for experienced hires

End-to-end service provided by an expert who knows the ins and outs of your industry 

The long-term relationship we developed with thousands of top candidates allows us to access the best people in the market 

3 to 5 weeks

Zeropay nothing if you did not end up hiring the candidates we presented

Recruitment Agency

25% to 40% of first-year salary for all hires regardless of experience level

You will often be assigned a junior consultant who knows nothing about your industry

Most recruiters are transaction-oriented and they will conduct a basic search on their database of unemployed people

6 to 12 weeks

Many charge you a search fee regardless of the outcome






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