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Do You Really Need A Master's Degree?

“I feel like I really need a Master of Finance to get a job.”

It keeps coming up during my conversations with final-year students.

I always respond with “Why?”

Most failed to give a strong answer.

After hundreds of hours of coaching sessions, I’ve noticed a pattern.

The root cause behind the desire to pursue a master’s degree is often to run away from the nerve-wracking reality of having to find a job.

But unfortunately for many, a master’s degree is not the right solution.

For example, one of my students at 36paths confessed to me that after 12 months of hard work, he was surprised to find out the Master of Finance did not give him the edge he thought he would have.

It seems that tens of thousands of dollars in tuition fees only add another line on the resume.

So start thinking about how a master’s degree can potentially benefit your career before applying, and stop seeing it as a magic bullet that will guarantee you a job.

Because more often than not, it won’t.


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