Q&A – Networking Channels & Targets

Question: Ok, I see why I need to network now, but where do I go find people to connect with and who should I target?

Answer: There are many channels that you can leverage to build up your professional network. This is a list of channels that I myself have used throughout the years, along with some comments:

1️⃣ Friends and family

Your family and friends want you to succeed and they will go out of their way to help you. They are particularly helpful when you are just starting out with a few professional connections. In my case, I landed my first internship at HSBC largely due to a referral from a good friend.

2️⃣ Existing connections from previous jobs and events you attended

Many of you are not starting from scratch. You likely have some existing connections from your previous internship or events you attended to the past summer. If so, it’s time to reconnect and develop them into champions of your career.

3️⃣ Referrals from professors

Even if you have no friends and family working in your target industry and you have never done any internship or gone to any networking events (unlikely), you can still reach out to your favourite professors and ask for an introduction to their previous students working in fields you are interested in. Many professors are well-connected in the industry and are happy to introduce you to his/her connections and former