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Relocation – the biggest career arbitrage opportunity

The job market is getting increasingly competitive

Any entry-level finance role will easily get 300+ resumes

1,000+ resumes if it is in capital markets

As a recent graduate, how do you stand out from the competition?

Beyond perfecting your resume, actively networking and studying for CFA, there is another secret

It is called "open to relocation"

Let me show you some real examples

In the screenshot below, you can see two entry-level finance roles side by side

On the left is Commercial Banking Associate at CIBC and on the right is Investment Associate at Brookfield

Both sound pretty decent for a recent graduate eh?

Take a closer look at "location", "applicant stats" and "post dates"

Did you get it?

Despite being posted a week ago and in a fairly sought-after space, this Commercial Banking Associate did not even get 25 applicants

In the meantime, the Brookfield role attracted 1,227 applicants in one day


Because the Brookfield role is based in Toronto while the CIBC role is based in Listowel, ON (I had to look it up on Google maps)

My point is that if you are a recent grad struggling to land any relevant interviews, consider relocating to a less competitive city

It is the biggest career arbitrage opportunity you can seize right now that no one is talking about