Ten Lessons I Learned from My Job Search

Lately, I have been bombarded with questions on resumes, networking and job application. Then I realized that it’s already September, which means the fall recruiting season is just around the corner. This reminds me of what I went through three years ago as a job applicant. Those days of updating my resume to V52 and having five coffee chats a day are still fresh in my mind. Today, I am sharing with you ten lessons I learned.

1. Take the time to assess yourself, honestly

Self-assessment is an under-appreciated exercise. Before applying any jobs, ask yourself following questions:

  • What are my biggest strengths?

  • What kind of work do I mostly enjoy doing?

  • What skills do I have and what skills do I want to develop?

Be honest with yourself. Your answers will help you decide a general area of focus and map out your career path. It’s also helpful to turn to your family, friends and mentors for their perspectives. In my case, they provided valuable insights that I was previously unaware of.

2. It is a number game

Job hunting is like buying lottery tickets. The more tickets you buy (jobs you apply), the higher is your chance to win a prize (land an offer). Once you identified your area of focus and