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Why nobody replied to your networking emails

It is shocking how terrible most LinkedIn messages and cold emails are

Here are the common reasons why nobody replied to you:

1. Long email (the longest I've got is 617 words - I'm sorry but no one has time for it)

2. Zero attention to detail (e.g. spell my name wrong, spell my firm's name wrong etc.)

3. Little research is done before the outreach (which makes your message look unappealing)

4. No specific call to action (i.e. do you want to get on a call or just say hi? Be clear)

5. Lacking credibility (e.g. underdeveloped LinkedIn profile with no profile photo)

Besides the five reasons above, another reason people don't reply to you is that your outreach is self-centred. Here is an example: "Hi Jamie Dimon, I am Kevin Smith. I am a recent graduate from the University of Toronto and I am looking for an Analyst opportunity in the banking industry. I have attached my resume for your reference. I look forward to hearing back from you soon." I try my best to reply to similar messages but many experienced finance professionals won't and rightfully so Here is what's going through their head when reading your message: - Who are you? Do I know you? Don't know. Just a stranger on LinkedIn who recently graduated from UofT. Cool. - Why do you contact me and what do you want? Unclear. Maybe you just want me to refer you to a role at JP Morgan? No way, I don't even know you. Maybe you want me to get on a quick call or critique your resume? But you didn't make it explicit - Did the person do any research and does the message sound genuine and specific? No. The message sounds selfish (all sentences start with "I..." but WIIFM?) and is clearly not customized Conclusion: Will not reply Stop making these mistakes or your networking reply rate will be lower than the interest rate