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Your Interview Answers Are Too Perfect

Hi job seekers, are you preparing your interview answers word by word?

If so, you are doing it wrong. Here is why.

How likely is it that you prepared every single interview question being asked during an interview?

Let's be honest, very unlikely.

Sure, you will sound “perfect” for those questions you have prepared a canned answer.

But what about those that caught you off the guard?

Oh no! That’s when you had no choice but to show your “true colours”.

Not only you answered those “surprising” questions poorly, but also all your previous “perfect” answers were not that perfect anymore.

Even if (you think) your interview preparation is so thorough that you will never encounter any surprises, you are still better off not remembering your answers word by word.


Because when your answers are so polished, you begin to sound robotic. You are not really talking like you normally would. And you kind of lose “You” a bit.

What should you do instead then?

Write down your experiences in bullet points so that you always remember which story to draw and its high-level structures but not every single detail.

You may not sound as perfect and professional as Siri but at least you come across genuine.


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